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Rainbow Works!  It's Certified!
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Rainbow: Allergy Standards
The Rainbow helps prevent allergy attacks.
Independent laboratory tests prove the Rainbow Cleaning System beats the competition in filtration efficiency. By combining its water-based/separator technology, a “brushless motor” and a HEPA Neutralizer, the Rainbow traps 99.997% (by weight) of typical household dirt and achieves significantly better indoor air quality.
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Water Wash the Air with the Rainbow®
The Rainbow® Cleaning System not only cleans your floors, carpets and walls — it cleans the air you breathe. It does this by literally "water washing" the air. Air pulled into the Rainbow is cleansed ...
  • The Rainbow has met the Carpet Industry Standard for all three elements: soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance.

Carpet and Rug Institute CertifiedAsthma and Allergy Certified
AHAM Certified
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